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>>He argues that Levi Strauss naturalized male domination
>>or the patriarchal family in the form of the exchange of women since
>>Strauss thought that this was the necessary consequence of the
>>to which the incest taboo gives rise. But there is no reason why men
>>to exchange women. It could be visa versa or the exchanges could
>>not be gender specific.

Yep. "Exchange" . . . I think of Zizek's reading of Don Giovanni in _for they know not what they do_. "Mil et tres." Not only gender, but "beauty," although there is a codification along aesthetic lines in Zizek's reading.
>Rakesh, baby, long time no post.
>I love the way you think, boobala.
>>This leaves open the explanation for male domination
>>if it is not the result of the incest taboo. I understand that Pierre
>>Bourdieu's upcoming book is on the anthropology of male domination; I
>>he engages Godelier.

I look forward to that.

>For years I've been mulling about a reaction to the up front,
>of the penis. Viola, Penocentrisity. And the whole sky-god thing! Where
>could that have come from, heh?
>Would'cha be so callous
>If you didn't have a phallus
>Pointing towards the sky?
>Would'cha be so gloomy
>If your honky-tonk was wombie
>And ya didn't have to die?
>Would'cha be so bossy,
>Would'cha have to rage,
>Would'cha have to spit--
>If your jewels were wrapped up yummy,
>Way down in your tummy,
>And was topped off with a clit?

If only! (Lines 4 and 5 are my favorite).


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