Frances Bolton (PHI) fbolton at
Sat Oct 24 15:04:42 PDT 1998

Jesus, Paula.

"It's not supposed to be that way* is a Willie Nelson song. And Waylon does it better'n Steve Young, anyways.

besos y abrazos, frances

On Sat, 24 Oct 1998, pms wrote:
> ps. Ever listen to Steve Young?
> "It's not supposed to be that way
> You're supposed to knooow I love you.
> And it don't matter anyway,
> If I can't be there to controoooool you.
> We'll go out and face the evenin',
> Play with fireflys till their gone,
> Then you'll rush to meet you're lover
> Play with real fire till dawwwnnnnn.
> It's not supposed to be that waaaaaaay, no.
> You're sposed to knoooow, I love you.
> What difference does it make
> If I can't be there to consoooooollle you. (go way up)
> RRRepeat When Neccessary

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