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>jayson perry harsin
>Dept. of Communication Studies
>Northwestern University
>j-harsin at (773)508-4062
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>Who are you indeed who would talk
> or sing to America?
>Have you studied out the land,
> its idioms and men?--Walt Whitman

Wow! Thank You Jayson Perry Harsin.

Love and Kisses-Paula

ps. Ever listen to Steve Young?

"It's not supposed to be that way You're supposed to knooow I love you. And it don't matter anyway, If I can't be there to controoooool you.

We'll go out and face the evenin', Play with fireflys till their gone, Then you'll rush to meet you're lover Play with real fire till dawwwnnnnn.

It's not supposed to be that waaaaaaay, no. You're sposed to knoooow, I love you. What difference does it make If I can't be there to consoooooollle you. (go way up)

RRRepeat When Neccessary

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