The Pompous Ass Question

pms laflame at
Tue Oct 27 12:28:35 PST 1998

>Ah, yes. I love to hear stories like this. Why don't you come to
>thanksgiving dinner at Doug Henwood's house. He's inviting everybody on
>LBO-Talk. We can all drink red wine out of a jug and let you regale us with
>your illustrious, legendary feats. ZZZZZZ. Snore. ZZZZZZ. Snore.

yes, that would be a snooze, BUT, the occassional fleshing out of Left history/writers is welcome to someone who grew up in the wasteland. That's one of the things

I liked about Cockburn's column, a sense of the past as lived reality. I've read some fo these writers for years and know very little about the soul behind the pen. Everyone on this list has been a name-dropper(almost).

When anyone starts talking about "this List" and starts condemning or banishing someone, it makes me real uncomfortable. I was just thinking about James from Philly the other day. Driven off, in the name of "the List" perhaps? I, for one, enjoyed his posts.

So hi Ken, and if you do wish to be a pompous ass,(I don't know you well enough to judge and there's all kind of ways to mask one's own discomfort), I say, if you do want to be a pompous ass on this list, don't worry, it won't be the first, or last time it's happened here.

smoooches pms

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