Archie Bunker's Nightmare

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Fri Oct 30 09:32:56 PST 1998

Dear Mr.Lehman , esq,

Speaking of that vol. 13 and page 666, did you ever notice that the modern cartoon version of the Devil (Red with a bald head and goatee) looks like V.I. Ulyanov ("Lenin") and Bruto/Pluto in the Popeye cartoon looks like Joe Dugashivili ("Stalin") ? Anything in the archives on that ?

And just the other day I was looking at cartoons with my son and there is now a cartoon show about some kid and Stalin (I swear to god. I am not making this up).

Big Brother works in mysterious ways.

We have some good crap shoots at the Yard, a speakeasy on the Eastside, on Saturday nites, if you are ever in Detroit. It's mostly young boys (mostly Black Russians), but they're tight.

At your service,

Charles Brown

>>> Tom Lehman <uswa12 at> 10/30 11:51 AM >>>
Dear Atty. Brown,

I'll have to search the Plunkitt archives for the answer to that one.

I do have manuscript copies of the George Washington Plunkitt correspondence course taken by Joseph Dugashivili. It was obtained for me out of a secret vault in the Carpathian mountains by the mysterious Igor.( sometimes pronounced eye-gore). I am busily translating them one word at a time and should be finished sometime in the middle of the next century. Give or take a few years.

Meanwhile, in the unpublished works of Joseph I.F. Dugashivili vol.13 Page666, it states, " it was really studying that great American revolutionary George Washington Plunkitt that pushed me over the edge." n.b. I won this unpublished masterpiece in a crap game in the backroom of the Russo-Slav club as a consolation prize.

Humbly yours, Tom

Charles Brown wrote:

> >>> Tom Lehman
> A little triva did you know that Leo Toltsky, Nick "the geek" Bukahirin
> and other famous dead Russians were once part of George Washington
> Plunkitts team back in the old days in little olde New York? Also, did
> you now that V.I. Ullanov in his collected works vol.13, page 198,
> says," I owe it all to the "great" George Washington Plunkitt."
> ___________
> Charles: Wasn't his grandson Jim Plunkett an
> Indian who was a quarterback in the NFL ?
> Charles Brown
> Detroit

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