How to Calm Down

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Wed Sep 2 11:12:12 PDT 1998

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Tom Lehman wrote:

> Dear Jim und Max,
> Wait for the exhale. The first breath of bad news will blow this market into
> a tailspin.
> Jim, I noticed your mention of your old college pal. Well, my old college
> pal and a guy I cooperated with to graduate is now sort of the Shirley
> McClaine of TV economists. I get a big charge out of seeing him on TV or
> listening to him on the radio. My guess is that right now he is in Machu
> Pechu getting in touch with his inner feelings. The guy was heart broken
> when In These Times wouldn't review his new book a year or so ago---I mean
> Carl Marx, Shirley McClaine, John Maynerd Keynes and Rachel Carson in a hot
> tub together in the Andes---I thought it was fun myself. Although, I do have
> to hand it to him, how many people start their own institute and discipline.
> Jordan, just remember they got big Al on tax evasion. Capone that is not
> Greenspan.
> Have a wonderful day,
> Tom

Who, and what book?


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