A cop hits on me A cop hits on me

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Wed Sep 2 14:59:34 PDT 1998

I am going to save Doyle's post for the day when I wish once again to take up my argument that psychology is a pseudo-science, parasitic on history (politics) and neurology. The post below makes as good sense as any "psychological" expanation, that is none whatsoever.


Doyle Saylor wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Louis how do you feel getting all this attention about something like a
> cop in the park? I don't like authority figures. Cops bring out the
> desire to be on the other side of the planet in me. But I always feel
> if someone shows some interest in me in an honest straightforward way
> that it is worth reciprocating. In that sense...
> Louis:
> "What I concealed from her was my Marxist concept of the role of the
> cops in the bourgeois society. When I was studying Trotskyist politics
> in the late '60s, one of the things that was drummed into our heads was
> that cops were not part of the working class even if they were in trade
> unions, worked for a wage and occasionally struck."
> Doyle
> What a funny concept. You concealed this from someone that you saw for
> about a minute. Actually what I think is that she gave you a frisson.
> And you thought that your Marxism would certainly have made a mess of
> this possible romance. Me and and this beautiful babe hmmmmm...and if I
> told her then it would spoil a beautiful thing. I think sex is about
> tension. That tension is that someone is going to like you enough to
> want you to be closer physically than even your best friends. The
> excitement of being vulnerable to someone who could reject you for
> personal reasons, and that would hurt like the devil emotionally. Your
> instant reaction to the tension was to close up like a clam to her. In
> other words she scared you with her interest in you, and only later did
> these questions arise to trouble you. And then you ask the whole world
> what they think.
> Doyle
> A second thing I think is you have this odd idea that class rubs off in
> just conversing or seeing if someone could connect with you. What would
> more likely happen is that your values would alter if you were ready to
> "collaborate", and if they weren't you would find out hanging with this
> woman either succeeded according to your values, or it didn't and you
> moved on.
> Doyle
> The point I am making is that you have this feeling that a woman can
> have a mysterious power over you in the sexual arena. What is that all
> about. Why could one's class position be so shaky when a young
> beautiful woman appears? Why are they powerful? And the threat from an
> older woman cop? What is her threat of class collaboration? Or an old
> retired woman cop? Does her allure and sexual being disappear?
> Louis:
> "And when I say beautiful, I mean movie star beautiful."
> Doyle
> There are circumstances where I could see someone hanging with the cops
> as giving me pause. The climate of cold war suspicion for one. I take
> seriously those problems, and the questions I ask are personal and
> difficult to answer. But then you made this public. What are your
> answers? What do you think... are you crossing class lines to get some
> woman's phone number?
> Doyle
> By the way (btw) isn't LBO getting a reputation for covering a lot of
> economic territory?
> regards,
> Doyle Saylor

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