Don't bet the farm!

Patrick Bond pbond at
Wed Sep 2 15:14:36 PDT 1998

1. At the Non-Aligned Movement conference today the SA delegation led by Mandela tried to push for a global commitment to social (especially anti child labour) clauses in trade and investment agreements, but was rebuffed by South Asian countries.

2. Bonier supports the IMF recapitalisation, does he not, in the very crucial upcoming vote which could see the Fund short some $18 billion? What's with him?

> From: Tom Lehman <uswa12 at>
> One of the more interesting questions asked yesterday morning of
> Congressman David Bonior was one by Warren Davis district director of
> the UAW in OHIO and western Pennsylvania. Warren suggested to the
> Congressmen that there should be a global minimum wage and global health
> and safety standards. Bonior picked up on this and said he was all for
> it and then some, including abolishing global child labor. I know that
> Warren means what he said, and, I'm sure that Congressman Bonior got it
> in him.

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