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> There's a new poster ad campaign for the new $20 bill on SF Muni
> intended to get us all in a lather over "the dramatic new series"
> this fall. The new $20!
> But don't panic. The ad assures us that even after the introduction
> the new 20, the old 20 will still be good.
> -Alec

Here's a little info on the new currency. The US Treasury Dept had a design and scientific panel set up to plan the new currency issues. Among the recommendations were to make the currency size correspond to the face denomination, along the lines of European currencies. The idea was to make paper money legible for the blind--as required by various pieces of federal legislation. The US Treasury turned down this idea and decided to embed a infrared strip in the bills that can be read by a hand reader. Naturally, some company who manufactures these kinds of reading devices convinced the currency board this was a good solution.

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