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Doyle Saylor djsaylor at primenet.com
Fri Sep 4 17:07:56 PDT 1998

Hello everyone,

Juliana Shearer Friday Sept. 4,98 writes: "This is precisely where the argument falls down. Any "worker" can understand Marxian concepts, believes that he/she is "being screwed" (as somebody else on this list put it), BUT most do not believe that this knowledge gets you anywhere. The only "workers" I know that really believe in a coming revolution think that it will be the rise of discontent "n-words" or "those crazy Muslims" that constitute said revolution."

Doyle You ask someone to convince you that a revolution is necessary in the U.S. You criticize Rakesh by saying the only kind of "revolutionaries" you know depend upon the rise of "racist" concepts that lead to social change. Your position is hopelessly tainted by confusion about what a serious way approaching these problems might be.

Doyle A serious working class organization on a large scale is needed in the United States. This is the most powerful imperial power in the world. It just dismembered the Soviet Union. It is difficult to find a means to create a working class movement in this country. Certainly not as you imagine it might be with your anecdote about "real revolutionaries". The reason we need a large scale working class movement is that we seem to be looking at a serious economic crisis in which class is the central issue of the crisis concerning us here in this country. In other words a greater polarization of society between workers and the capitalist class than any other place in the world, and a practically naked (because the right has removed welfare safety nets) working class if a serious depression overtakes our country. Greg Newell's position is so rediculously infantile about selling out he can't see how funny he is. You find his wit strong enough right now. But if you don't have a secure priveleged position when the shit hits the fan with a depression you might feel that Greg is enjoying the fruits of your labor and you need someone else to agree with.

Doyle If you can't imagine fighting racist because we need unity you have a big problem with making a working class movement happen. We don't go any place unless we go together. We don't have any power disunited.

Doyle The people in this country for the most part don't understand the relationship between working class movements that secures workers rights and the show business politics of the democratic party. So what? Doesn't the enormous power of the media guarantee that? Social change that favors workers isn't a hard sell to most workers, it is getting an organization that represents those things without someone funny guy like Greg Newell running the show. I would rather see Louis Proyect running working class organizations than some guy like Greg Newell. And Louis is not swift enough to run that fast yet. Rakesh is a real honest forthright fearless thinker. He has to express himself in terms that best express authentic Marxist understanding of the economy. We need lots of guys like Rakesh if we are going to get some serious thinking going. We need lots of other people too, like organizers, and mass support for our efforts. The CIA doesn't like that sort of talk you know. So I would guess there are some serious obstacles to moving that way don't you think? Anyway I hope my simple words have moved you too to revolt against the Greg Newell line of selling out with a vengence. regards, Doyle Saylor

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