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Gary Nowell: "Probably my worst stint was on the night crew at Sears. I was the guy who put on the rubber gloves and pulled butts out of the urinal.   And when I'm in the airport and I see "the suits" tossing butts or what-have-you into the urinals I always want to kick 'em."

Dont kick 'em. But I love to call people on such things. Ask the offender: "What do you think happens to that cigarette? Well, let me tell you what happens..." Then tell him all about your job at Sears. It's a lot of fun putting suits on the defensive and you now the janitors can't say anything because they don't want to lose their livelihoods.

It's a real pain to fetch those cigarettes out of coffee cups, too. If there's any coffee left in the cup, you usually have to poor the coffee down the drain and then pick the butts out of the drain and throw them in the trash. Yecch.

Sure, it doesn't compare with the blood that goes into a cup of coffee, but I think a large part of Nowell's original post (and it was a thing of introspective beauty) has to do with making people aware of the consequences of their actions. Once people are aware, they tend to make adjustments they can feel comfortable about.

Gary again: "Not to mention the outright falsehoods that are taught (e.g., political "science") as revealed truth."

At the Univ of Texas they call Poli Sci "Government". I have a degree in "Government". I like the term better, but I hate to have to explain it.

James in Philly

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