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C. Petersen ottilie at
Fri Sep 4 19:06:33 PDT 1998

> Dont kick 'em. But I love to call people on such things. Ask the
> offender: "What do you think happens to that cigarette? Well, let me
> tell you what happens..." Then tell him all about your job at Sears.
> It's a lot of fun putting suits on the defensive and you now the
> janitors can't say anything because they don't want to lose their
> livelihoods.
> It's a real pain to fetch those cigarettes out of coffee cups, too.
> If there's any coffee left in the cup, you usually have to poor the
> coffee down the drain and then pick the butts out of the drain and throw
> them in the trash. Yecch.

Yeah... yesterday I was standing in line buying dinner and it was taking a really long time and the guy next to me started saying "gee, is there a strike going on or something" then he started ranting about unions once the topic had been brought up, and then he directly asked the server why everything was so slow, and I was a total wimp and didn't confront him on what he was doing - but doesn't he ever think *they are touching your food* Why do you insult people who are touching your food.

I saw A. Greenspan talk, from the overflow room. 1/5 of the people were asleep by the end.He has a very sonorous voice. He makes this dip in his voice at the end of every sentence, kind of the opposite of the valley girls around here who end each sentence with an upturn like they're asking a question - don't ask me why I'm reporting this to you. He was actually quite wordy about how he thought market prices were inflated right now, and in a bubble, and that the US cannot be a prosperous economic island in the rest of the world.

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