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Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Fri Sep 4 21:16:37 PDT 1998

> Cary Nation? A progressive? The Dali fucking Lama, a progressive?!?
> No wondor they didn't see anything wrong with the race issue; these
> people are what they consider progressives.

A fascinating little-known fact is the collaboration between prohibitionists and populists in the heyday of populism around the turn of the century. Whiskey was described as opiate which profited a few and kept the working class stupid. Not unlike the way the Black Panthers talked about drugs. A negative thread in this was some hostility from the core populist constituencies (agrarians, Protestants) towards the urban Irish Catholic, who had a slightly different view of the matter. There's a chapter on prohibitionism in Mike Kazin's "The Populist Persuasion."

In the same vein, I would suggest people consider the half-full part of the glass in the present context, in terms of popular distaste for porn, certain forms of art, and related intellectual trends.

I'll pass on the Dalai fucking Lama.


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