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Not to mention that fact that most suffragettes were Prohibitionists as well. It seems that many men went home and beat their wives after a good night out with the boys. How come we don't hear more about this now? Have we really gotten rid of spousal abuse? Alcoholism?

chuck miller

Max Sawicky wrote:

> >
> > Cary Nation? A progressive? The Dali fucking Lama, a progressive?!?
> > No wondor they didn't see anything wrong with the race issue; these
> > people are what they consider progressives.
> A fascinating little-known fact is the collaboration
> between prohibitionists and populists in the
> heyday of populism around the turn of the
> century. Whiskey was described as opiate
> which profited a few and kept the working
> class stupid. Not unlike the way the Black
> Panthers talked about drugs. A negative
> thread in this was some hostility from the
> core populist constituencies (agrarians,
> Protestants) towards the urban Irish Catholic,
> who had a slightly different view of the
> matter. There's a chapter on prohibitionism
> in Mike Kazin's "The Populist Persuasion."
> In the same vein, I would suggest people
> consider the half-full part of the glass
> in the present context, in terms of popular
> distaste for porn, certain forms of art,
> and related intellectual trends.
> I'll pass on the Dalai fucking Lama.

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