And now for Gore?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Sep 5 09:18:39 PDT 1998

>There was a time when opening up the U.S. market to imports from poor
>countries--so that Bengali peasants could move from very, very low-paid
>farmworker jobs to low-paid textile-operative jos--was a left-wing cause in
>That left was a lot more attractive from the standpoint of promoting human
>happiness than this pseudo-Pat-Buchanan left is turning out to be...
>Brad DeLong

What "left" are you talking about? Eugene V. Debs? Paul Robeson? Maybe its Abby Hoffman. I think I did once heard Abby say that the left in the US had to learn how to fuck up the Pentagon and agitate successfully for the expansion of low-paid textile operative jobs. But it was Guatemala, not Bengal, I'm pretty sure.

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