Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Tue Sep 8 09:01:46 PDT 1998

Capitalism is the DICTATORSHIP of the bourgeosie. The legislative is phony.

Charles Brown


Workers of the West, it's our turn.

>>> Brad De Long <delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU> 09/07 7:07 PM >>>
>> The state is the executive committee of the
>> ruling class.
>> Louis Proyect
>another opportunity to point out that Marx & Engels wrote in the
>*Communist Manifesto* that:
>'The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing
>the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.'
>the focus should be on 'executive'...Michael Hoover

Meaning that the legislature and the judiciary of the modern state are something else?

Brad Delong

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