Two Down, Approx 400 to Go

W. Kiernan WKiernan at
Thu Sep 10 13:52:14 PDT 1998

Max Sawicky wrote:
> The personal indiscretions of two
> Republican Members of Congress have
> now been revealed in the past week:
> Dan Burton and now the militia lady,
> Helen Chenoweth (had affair with
> married man).
> Salon reports unattributed threats
> from the White House that everybody's
> dirty laundry -- Republicans and media--
> is going to come out if the attacks
> continue and escalate to impeachment.
> The fun factor may come to outweigh
> the political doldrums reinforced by
> this whole affair.
> My personal favorite will be the
> George Will divorce saga.

MAX! Dish, dish, dish!

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