Two Down, Approx 400 to Go

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Joyce Carol Oates wrote a short story about a member of an English dept. who is accused of plagiarism by colleagues presumably jealous of his success. His bid for tenure seems doomed. He disappears for awhile before the tenure meeting. On the day of the meeting, each faculty member on the committee finds a large envelop in his/her mailbox. In the folders are detailed examples of each teacher's own plagiarism. Naturally, he gets tenure!

Michael Yates

Max Sawicky wrote:
> The personal indiscretions of two
> Republican Members of Congress have
> now been revealed in the past week:
> Dan Burton and now the militia lady,
> Helen Chenoweth (had affair with
> married man).
> Salon reports unattributed threats
> from the White House that everybody's
> dirty laundry -- Republicans and media--
> is going to come out if the attacks
> continue and escalate to impeachment.
> The fun factor may come to outweigh
> the political doldrums reinforced by
> this whole affair.
> My personal favorite will be the
> George Will divorce saga.
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