Two Down, Approx 400 to Go

Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at
Thu Sep 10 16:39:48 PDT 1998

Max Sawicky wrote:

> If you're asking about Georgie,
> for years he was regaling his
> readers with his family values.
> At some point his wife had all
> of his furniture and belongings
> deposited on the front lawn of
> their house with a note that
> went something like, "Take it
> somewhere else, buster."
> Will is now on his second wife
> and set of children.
> I don't fault him for his personal
> life, since I have no idea of what
> it was like, but I do fault him for
> doing everything possible to imply
> his personal moral superiority over
> people with whom he harbored political
> disagreements.

George Will's final placement in the circles of Hell will be overwhelming determined by the way he has attempted to identify himself with the holy game of baseball, as a means of expiating all his sins. For this act of sacrilige and defamation he shall burn like no other in history.

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