Sundry: Kolko, WSJ, Clinton & the "well laid" theory of IR

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Sep 11 18:23:30 PDT 1998

> Greg Nowell writes: > I have the same feeling with regard to the
> Republican congress. If they hate Clinton so much, there must be a reason
> that he's pretty good--not just "stealing their issues" (they got both
> houses)--but possibly something the rest of us haven't noticed. I don't
> know what it is. ...<
> could it be that it's an intramural fight between two wings of capital?
> could it be that Clinton is suffering from an effort to revenge what
> happened to Bork, Nixon, and the like? that is, that's it's personal
> animousity within the political class?

It might be simply that Clinton is the last obstacle to a complete monopoly of power for the Repubs. If we get a 60% R Congress, you will see a flat tax, Soc Sec privatization, Medicaid turned into a block grant (ending the entitlement), abolition of taxes on capital gains and estates, and much else that you don't see now.

P.S. JFK was laid as well as anyone and his policies were not commensurate with his accomplishments below the waist.


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