To Impeach or Not To Impeach

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MARGARET WARNER: All right, Mr. Yannett, now back to the big question and you have all addressed this in part, but do you think these alleged offenses, if demonstrated, rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors?

BRUCE YANNETT: Well, I think based on the evidence that I've seen in the Starr report, I think the answer to that is no.While it is true that President Ford when he was in Congress said an impeachable offense is whatever Congress says it is, in fact, I think if you go back to the framers, what they had in mind was abuses of the power of the office, misusing the authority of the office of the presidency, as President Nixon did back in the early 1970's. And I don't think that the evidence in this case really rises anywhere near that level. And while it is certainly troubling and while it's unpleasant to read, it doesn't rise to that level, but it is true that Congress could come up with a different interpretation, and their answer is the one that really matters.

HENRY HUDSON: But, Margaret, you have leaders in both the House and the Senate that are saying now that if there's clear evidence of perjury, they think that may be enough to impeach. If that is their mindset going into this - and there is evidence not only of that but of obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, and abuse of power - I would think if all these can be proven, it will be enough for impeachment if it be the will of the Congress.

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