Sundry: Kolko, WSJ, Clinton & the "well laid" theory of IR

Carl Remick cremick at
Mon Sep 14 05:50:45 PDT 1998

Re Greg Nowell's: "If they [Republicans] hate him [Clinton] that much, there must be something right about him. Maybe it's just that he's the only major figure to *talk* in public about serious social welfare issues. Arguably creeping social democracy on medical care issues (first the old, then the kids, then the poor, then the working poor, etc.) which remains a big Clinton issue would give back to the poor *much* more than they lost on welfare reform. He *did* help push through a minimum wage boost, that was stagnant under republican rule. He *did* help put through the earned income tax credit, which goes exactly *opposite* to republican tendencies to increase taxation on the poor."

The silver linings you detect in Clinton's fundamentally regressive social policy to date are utterly unconvincing. Clinton's good at "creeping" all right -- creeping toward completion of the unfinished Reagan-Bush agenda. Get real!

Carl Remick

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