Historical Perspective

Carl Remick cremick at rlmnet.com
Mon Sep 14 06:16:34 PDT 1998

Re John Taber's: "The closest [non-US scandal similiar to Clinton's] I can think of is the Profumo scandal in England some years back. I don't remember his position, but something important to the PM. His affair with a call girl (Mandie Rice Davies? those aging gray cells you know) was publicized and caused his resignation."

Not an exact parallel. As I recall, actual national security issues were involved in the Profumo affair. Profumo was Macmillan's defense minister (I believe) and had an affair with callgirl Christine Keeler (I think M R Davies was her friend). C. Keeler also apparently had an affair with some Soviet diplomat -- hence, the national security connection. Also, C. Keeler -- unlike Monica -- was a real fox.

Carl Remick

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