Rush Limbaugh Wet Dream 1: Ressentiment)

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Tue Sep 15 09:36:07 PDT 1998

A somewhat related aside: I am in absolute shock that they've left poor Chelsea alone through all of this. Any news on that front from Californians?

Jim Farmelant writes:

>I saw in today's paper that Monica was described as having
>done badly in her interviews at various NYC public relations
>firms where she interviewed at. Apparently, Clinton and
>Vernon Jordan had a rough time in trying to place her in
>some sort of a job. In my state, Massachusetts, any two-bit
>pol could have found her a $40K job either in some public
>or in some private company that does business with the
>state. I tremble for my country when I see that Clinton et al.
>couldn't squirrel her away in some cushy job somewhere.

Maybe, but it seems pretty clear to me that M. Lewinsky did not want to work anywhere but at the Whitehouse. Could it be that she purposefully did poorly?

Besides, while I stood at the checkout counter last night I flipped through the scandal sheets and I found it much more delightful reading. *Monica contemplating suicide* *Monica suffering from bulemia: death by oreo cookie binge? *Monica scrawls "I am worthless" in lipstick on her mirror* *Monica distraught that she's lost the love of her life* *Monica worries that she'll never find another man*

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