If the shoe fits

pms laflame at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 17 06:24:38 PDT 1998

For W. Kiernan:

What a way to start the day. Now when I say the word left to non=politico's, trying to inject a different set of ideas, I not only have to disavow Clinton as left(as the neo-cons have tagged him) I also have to overcome the weight of Cockburn's propaganda. If the intention is as you say, I assure you the mocking will be lost on these guys. I talk to a lot of them. Stuff like this just makes it easier for them to be dismissive of anything but conventional wisdom. Cockburn gets to enter the mainstream only because he will be sensationally flip. To the general public, Clinton and Cockburn are the only "left they know. More marginalization in the debate. Wow, I'm happy. I'll be yukkin' it up all the way to the signing of the "fast-track" bill. To bad Cockburn didn"t use a tad of his precious exposure to point out how the policies being shoved down our throats(jeez you just can't get away from it) were the cause of today's "crisis" pms

ps. Amazingly, these guys, sated on Liddy and Limbaugh, don't even seem to realize that they make more money when Clinton and his neo-liberal brethren have been in office.

>Alex, he's talking to the WSJ audience, mocking their mock-serious
>"concern" over Bubba's "inappropriateness." He's propagandizing them.

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