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Thu Sep 17 06:53:21 PDT 1998

The end of all capitalism is not coming right now, but it is true that capitalism, not only its latest phase, has no solution for recurrent economic crisis. Also, some new socialism somewhere might come out of the current crisis. Socialism is the beginning of the end of the whole capitalist system; and socialism begins the only end of recurrent economic crisis and a lot of other undesirable stuff of capitalism, like permanent mass unemployment, mass poverty, racism, war.

Lou is objecting to reformism as an end in itself. Reformism that isn't ultimately linked to revolution undermines revolutionary struggle by sowing illusions that stop that struggle short of throwing out the whole system. Keynesianism does not have as a goal getting rid of the capitalist system. In that regard it is irreconcilable with Marxism.

Charles Brown


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On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Louis Proyect wrote:

> for Marxists is how to come up with an alternative. It must be stated as
> clearly as possible: there is no alternative to socialism. All the
> palliatives that are being discussed in the bourgeois press will fall
> short. No fixes from the IMF or G7 will work. The problem is that there is
> excess capacity. We are witnessing a crisis of overproduction. Capitalism
> has no solution for that.

Oh, nonsense, the US, Europe and Japan could start printing and spending money like there's no tomorrow, and stabilize things in a hurry. It's just that the EU is acting like they're broke, which they're not, and Japan is acting like it's broke, which it's not, while US consumers are literally going for broke. Neoliberalism has no solution for the crisis; the crisis is the *end* of neoliberalism. But global neoindustrialism, neo-Volvoism, and neo-Toyotism are waiting in the wings as we speak. Let's not confuse the crash and burn of the Wall Street bubble with the end of the world-system.

-- Dennis

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