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><< >Justin
> > Schwartz on the other hand finds much of value in
> > Hayek's work and has even been known to call himself
> > a Hayekian Marxist.
> Okay, synthesizing Marx and Keynes isn't so ridiculous, but HAYEK???
> Isn't he the idol of Internet Libertarian Nerd-Boys?
> >>
>A longer answer to this is offered (from aphilosopgicxal point of
>view) in
>Chris Sciabarra's work on Dialectds in Hayek and Marx. A very short
>couple of
>comments will have to suffice here: Marx and Hayek are both interested
>in real
>world economics that are based on epistemologically realistic models
>assume incomplete information and high transaction costs. They are
>instiututionalists who think that actors act in accord with group
>interests--for Hayek, non-class ones, but ina ny event, not the sort
>individualism you get in neoclassical economics. They both recognize
>disequilibrium is the normal state of capitalist economics and that
>capitallism is a dynamic system charcterized by what Schumpter called
>createive destruction. My own Hayekianism is applified by my
>acceptance of
>Heyek's critique of planned economic models. What Hayek failed to
>realize is
>that his attack on central planning is logically utterrly different
>from his
>own promotion of provate property. Insofar as H is worshipped by
>he's also unread by them, or they'd find him much less congenial.

BTW Chris Sciabarra is himself a libertarian but a rather unusual one. He took his doctorate under the Marxist scholar, Bertrell Ollman. Despite the fact that he is a Hayekian libertarian he has always manifested a strong interest in Marxism. This interest is relected in both of his books: *Marx, Hayek, and Utopia* which is I think the book that Justin was referring to as well as his book *Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical.* Some subscribers to LBO-Talk may remember that Chris for a while served as a moderator on the mailing list marxism-thaxis. All in all he doesn't seem to have too much in common with the" Internet Libertarian Nerd-Boy" set.

Jim Farmelant

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