Alex Cockburn (was Re: If the shoe fits...)

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Sep 17 07:50:13 PDT 1998

James Farmelant wrote:

>Concerning Alex Cockburn, while I have long enjoyed
>reading his commentary I do think that he has a certain
>nihilist streak in him probably inherited from his father

Cockburn says he is a partisan of chaos - whatever increases the level of social chaos is a good thing. That explains his stance not only on Clinton, but his affection for Jerry Brown. He's also said that the late, much missed Andrew Kopkind was a fellow Chaos Party member. Kopkind once told me that, despite his public agitation in favor of Brown's candidacy, that he never liked Brown, and figured that if by some fluke he were to get the Democratic Party nomination for president, he'd destroy the party, and if by some even greater fluke were actually elected, he'd destroy the country. Which is why, of course, he was promoting Jerry Brown.


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