Alex Cockburn (was Re: If the shoe fits...)

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Sep 17 08:47:33 PDT 1998

> . . .
> BTW I suspect that few of Alex's US readers are aware
> that his father was a cousin of the right-wing, Catholic
> novelist Evelyn Waugh. Apparently despite their great
> differences in their political and religious views, Claud
> and Evelyn got along rather well, sharing passions for
> drinking and gambling.

Cockburn's operating principle is "the worse, the better." It is not usually explicit in his writing. His view is whatever disrupts the system without casting specific discredit on the left increases the possibility of revolution. This view is antithetical to any sort of social-democratic, incremental, or reformist view, as well as to some more sophisticated, more radical views of how a revolution might take place.

Putting the onus of the father's record on the son is silly, particularly in terms of the Stalinist rap. The son inclines towards Trotskyism, if I read him correctly.


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