Promoting mass purchasing power

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Sep 18 12:25:30 PDT 1998

Notice, sports fans, that Louis changes the terms of argument here from the question which was under discussion, whether Keynesian measures could prop up the system and avert crises indefinitely, to what measures bring about ultimate justice by his lights.

Being moral, we must then assume that only measures that bring about justice can maintain the system. And we know this is so because we have the quotes to prove it from Marx himself.

>Once again Chris Burford, while invoking Marxism, proposes Keynsian
solutions. The "progressive" solution is not to increase the purchasing power of the masses, but to expropriate the capitalist class. Chris Buford thinks that "generous unemployment benefits" are some kind of answer.
>Speaking for myself, I received the most generous unemployment benefits
that any wage worker could receive after I lost a consulting position with Kidder-Peabody, a gang of thieves on Wall Street. I had to borrow $5000 from my retirement funds to pay my rent. No, the answer is to lay off the ruling class, not plead for higher unemployment benefits for the people who create the wealth of society. Marxists are for the abolition of wage slavery. Chris Burford is some kind of Fabian Socialist, who I wish would stop invoking the good name of Karl Marx. Once again, I must remind folks of what Marx called for: . . . >

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