Promoting mass purchasing power

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Sep 18 13:05:15 PDT 1998

Max Sawicky wrote:
>Notice, sports fans, that Louis changes
>the terms of argument here from the
>question which was under discussion,
>whether Keynesian measures could prop
>up the system and avert crises
>indefinitely, to what measures bring
>about ultimate justice by his lights.

No, this is not what I was saying at all. Unlike you, Chris Burford pretends to be a Marxist. He is referring to the law of value, the FROP, etc. all the time. The only consistent position one can maintain on the basis of the Marxist theory of the capitalist system is the one that Marx himself elucidated over and over: overthrow of the capitalist system. "Keynsian" measures do not go along with Marxist analysis. They represents band-aids for a system that is riddled with cancer.

>Being moral, we must then assume that
>only measures that bring about justice
>can maintain the system. And we know
>this is so because we have the quotes
>to prove it from Marx himself.

No, I am only advocating a consistent Marxist analysis. I am simply striving for precision. If Burford invoked Edward Bernstein or Sidney Webb, I wouldn't pay attention to his calls for liberal reforms. I just find it dishonest to make an amalgam between Marx and tepid Labor Party-type measures to prop up the system.

Louis Proyect


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