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I think an evaluation of Lenin's behavior as a politician requires comparing his behavior with other political leaders who presided during times of civil war. For example in the US President Lincoln as commander in chief countenanced shocking brutality and terror by the Union forces (for eample General Sherman's "March to the sea" in order to suppress the slaveholders' rebellion. He rode roughshod over the Constitution and over the Bill of Rights which of course Russia had never had in the first place. And Lou Proyect can probably tell us about how the Indians were treated under his administration. I think that this is the standard for evaluating Lenin and I don't think he comes off too badly.

Jim Farmelant

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 14:13:41 EDT JKSCHW at writes:
>In a message dated 98-09-19 11:01:56 EDT, you write:
><< As I am sure Justin is aware, Lou Godena, the Maoist-Stalinist
> and sole proprietor of the marxism-international list thinks
> quite highly of Pipes' work including especially his portrayal of
> Lenin. Godena agrees with Pipes that Lenin was ruthless, devious,
> brutal, deceitful etc. but unlike Pipes judges these attributes
> favorably given the politics of his time.
> >>
>In other words, Lenin was a politician. I mean, big fucking surprise.
>Pipes suppose that--pick your bourgeois hero--Churchill, Roosvelt
>DeGaulle, Thatcher, or Reagan were any different? Or consider Caro's
>wonderfull books about LBJ. What's to refute? Anyone who insists that
>was a pargon of virtue in every respect is a true believer or an
>ignoramus. As
>to the affair with Inessa Armand, at least it was out in the open,
>by Krupsakya, and consistent with Bolshevik ethics. --jks

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