Mandel and Keyens

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Sep 19 15:10:59 PDT 1998

bautiste at wrote:

>How is he or you right? All the marxist sells the worker is dreams of a past
>that didn't happen and a future that might (but probably won't). Why should
>they believe in your ghosts? And why or how should they think they are being
>exploited? Maybe, when (if?) this precious crash of the stock market happens
>then the worker will realize their exploitation? But then they will be working
>so hard to make ends meet they'll think you're crazier than before. then the
>system has to be saved or we'll all sink (or so they'll think and say). The
>exploitation is about the rottenness of a system that exploits Vietnamese
>workers for 5cents an hour. That's exploitation--but the American worker
>doesn't care. He or she can only be persuaded to care if there's something
>that motivates them to care... The revolution is in information and the
>lack or
>denial of it.Those who control the means of communication not only write the
>history books, they write the history, a scenario Wall Street and the Pentagon
>put on the big screens.

When a small number of people get rich from the labor of a large number of people, I call that exploitation. You call it ghosts if you like; I think it's a system of institutionalized brutality.


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