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>What you're suggesting is a 'knock-out'
>option, and if I were Max, I'd want a little more premium for that.
Knock-outs, quinellas, perfectas, touch-downs- the money game, sounds like some school yard extension to me. And very male. And yes, I have been accused of being a sexist, by my best friend-girl no less.

Reminds me of when I read that Anne Rice book, Queen of the Night, and I couldn't wait to find out why we would decide the mummy queen was wrong to want to cut out 10% of the men for breeding and do away with the rest. Of course that wouldn't apply to any of the guys of my aquaintance. But it would probably be the END OF CAPITALISM. Not because women are "good", I just can't see them making up that system. Gunter had it right, I think. Men should never have been allowed to count above the number of dimples on Wicca's ass.

>The revolution is in information and the lack or
>denial of it.Those who control the means of communication not only write the
>history books, they write the history, a scenario Wall Street and the
>put on the big screens.

Right you are Chuck, the (R)evolution is about 3 things--Communication, Communication, and Communication.

>The memories we have of them
>will crowd around the tables filled with food
>and the sacred silence hollow the day with joy
Please excuse my ignorance-who is Jara, adn who wrote this, you Chuck? Or Bautiste? Hey Bautiste, you Cajun, cher?

Hey Brad-just hanging out at your web site. Pretty fancy! I got 233 results to my query on women and uncompensated labor. Started reading a Claudia Goldin article and soon hit a snag that's been bugging me for awhile, especially when I hear Reich,etc. touting higher education as the answer for the masses. She points out that in 1914 a HS grad made 70% more than a factory worker and in 1926 when many more had gone through HS, grads only made 10%more. How is this, on the whole, a good thing? Isn't the whole rap about unskilled labor a trap? Somebody has to do this work, much more so in some cases than many skilled jobs, which are often counter-productive in the long run. These value judgements tend to move over time, according to what the dominate group is doing, who ever happens to be defining the credentials. It's like private property. An abstract desire made concrete by force. If 30 million illigal immigrants have MBA-s and Harvard starts giving degrees in landscaping, landscapers will become highly compensated,no? Well you get my drift.

> more importantly in terms of class
>power, by making a compromise with the capitalist class to bring it about,
>it would establish that it is not acceptable to trust the invisible hand of
>capitalist market forces; the global economy must be brought under control,
>and ultimately must be subject to democratic criticism and accountability.


The Invisible Hand is Visible! Pass it on. Point it out. Put purple nail polish on it. Bring handcuffs! Then if the revolutionaries are busy and very brave( a Eugene McCarthy is stunted by it's environment every 47 seconds) there will be legions who can at least understand their language.

Time for the Sunday "That's RIGHT! Mor-ton!" Funnies


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