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bautiste tis I chuck who wrote the ditty on Jara, the great singer/director of the Chilean revolution. He was executed by the security forces, who torured him and killed him. There is a song that describes his impriconment and death. My poem incorporates new facts brought to light by Mrs. Jara on a recent radio broadcast. I have integrated in the poem the death and rape of another "disappeared." a woman I do not know but whom I know (if you know what I mean).


chuck "bautiste" miller

pms wrote:

> ComRods-
> >What you're suggesting is a 'knock-out'
> >option, and if I were Max, I'd want a little more premium for that.
> >
> Knock-outs, quinellas, perfectas, touch-downs-
> the money game, sounds like some school yard extension to me. And very
> male. And yes, I have been accused of being a sexist, by my best
> friend-girl no less.
> Reminds me of when I read that Anne Rice book, Queen of the Night, and I
> couldn't wait to find out why we would decide the mummy queen was wrong to
> want to cut out 10% of the men for breeding and do away with the rest. Of
> course that wouldn't apply to any of the guys of my aquaintance. But it
> would probably be the END OF CAPITALISM. Not because women are "good", I
> just can't see them making up that system.
> Gunter had it right, I think. Men should never have been allowed to count
> above the number of dimples on Wicca's ass.
> >The revolution is in information and the lack or
> >denial of it.Those who control the means of communication not only write the
> >history books, they write the history, a scenario Wall Street and the
> Pentagon
> >put on the big screens.
> >
> Right you are Chuck, the (R)evolution is about 3
> things--Communication, Communication, and Communication.
> >The memories we have of them
> >will crowd around the tables filled with food
> >and the sacred silence hollow the day with joy
> >
> Please excuse my ignorance-who is Jara, adn who wrote this, you Chuck?
> Or Bautiste? Hey Bautiste, you Cajun, cher?
> Hey Brad-just hanging out at your web site. Pretty fancy! I got 233 results
> to my query on women and uncompensated labor. Started reading a Claudia
> Goldin article and soon hit a snag that's been bugging me for awhile,
> especially when I hear Reich,etc. touting higher education as the answer
> for the masses. She points out that in 1914 a HS grad made 70% more than a
> factory worker and in 1926 when many more had gone through HS, grads only
> made 10%more. How is this, on the whole, a good thing? Isn't the whole
> rap about unskilled labor a trap? Somebody has to do this work, much more
> so in some cases than many skilled jobs, which are often counter-productive
> in the long run. These value judgements tend to move over time, according
> to what the dominate group is doing, who ever happens to be defining the
> credentials. It's like private property. An abstract desire made concrete
> by force. If 30 million illigal immigrants have MBA-s and Harvard starts
> giving degrees in landscaping, landscapers will become highly
> compensated,no? Well you get my drift.
> > more importantly in terms of class
> >power, by making a compromise with the capitalist class to bring it about,
> >it would establish that it is not acceptable to trust the invisible hand of
> >capitalist market forces; the global economy must be brought under control,
> >and ultimately must be subject to democratic criticism and accountability.
> The Invisible Hand is Visible! Pass it on. Point it out. Put purple nail
> polish on it. Bring handcuffs!
> Then if the revolutionaries are busy and very brave( a Eugene McCarthy is
> stunted by it's environment every 47 seconds) there will be legions who can
> at least understand their language.
> Time for the Sunday "That's RIGHT! Mor-ton!" Funnies
> Toodles-Paula

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