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Michael Cohen mike at cns.bu.edu
Sun Sep 20 10:17:14 PDT 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Michael Cohen wrote:
> >How much of the US government debt is own by foreign holders?
> About 34%
> >How is this distributed around the world?
> Not really known.


Thanks again for the information. Now which of the central banks around the highly developed world which has substantial amounts of debt available are paying real interests rates higher than the US at equivalent levels of risk.

This figure would give the current margin the US has to lower unilaterally to first order. I am trying to precisely understand what the crisis is supposed to be to American and European Capitalism, i.e. predict the mechanism and events in broad outline before they happen. While I don't believe we can fortell the future, or any of us really understands this crisis, an attempt to do so will drastically increase our understanding of the situation.

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