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Sun Sep 20 11:02:22 PDT 1998

greetings from the Working Class Planet-

>A Marxist analysis of the Clinton presidency would focus on the ways in
>which he is a continuation of Reagan and Bush. His attacks on minorities
>and the environment are extremely reactionary. But you don't need to be a
>Marxist to figure this out.

Oh gee, next you're gonna say there ain't no Easter Bunny.

>Liberals at the Nation Magazine have even begun
>to openly criticize him. At least, when they were supporting him up and
>down the line, they didn't feel the need to quote Karl Marx the way that
>Buford does.

>Louis Proyect

They must print up a special issue to send to my house. It's a liberal plot!

So Louis, all your patronizing condisension (who cares?) aside, I guess your answer is Idealogical Preening.

pm(all these big words hurt my lil ole head)s.

Institute For The Detection of Tribal Echos Dept. of Compensitory Posturing


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