aesthetics, bourgeois and otherwise

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Sep 21 13:43:10 PDT 1998

Alex LoCascio wrote:

>James Baird wrote:
>> The mind fairly boggles at the thought. What song would they use? "I
>> Kill Children"? (A personal favorite...) Of course, I always thought
>> "California Uber Alles" would have made a swell theme aong for >Governer
>> Moonbeam's presidential canpaign...
>Right after Reagan's election, the DKs altered the lyrics to California
>Uber Alles and re-titled it "We've Got Bigger Problems Now."

When Jerry was running for president in '92, I asked Jello B. to comment. He said that the hints of "orgo-deco-fascism" about Brown reminded him of Weimar Germany. For the contaxt (a long hit on Brown), see <>.


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