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Seminar on Created Unequal with James K. Galbraith

Jamie Galbraith online in a pkt (post Keynesian thought) Seminar October 26 to November 2, 1998.

Welcome is the latest of a series of on-line seminars conducted under csf and pkt-seminars. Our current seminar features James Galbraith, author of Created Unequal.

See what the critics have said about his book:

>From The Kirkus Reviews, May 26, 1998

"A tour de force by an economist not so handicapped by theoretical orthodoxy that clear thinking is impossible. Economist Galbraith's (Univ. of Texas, Austin) central concern is America's growing inequality... At the core of the contemporary less-than-full-employment strategy, Galbraith argues, is the Federal Reserve's anti-inflation campaign. While many commitments are necessary to maintain full employment, maintenance of low, stable interest rates is fundamental, and as long as the Fed sees interest rates as a weapon in the war against inflation, full employment will be sacrificed..."

The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Joanne B. Ciulla

"Created Equal is not light reading, but Galbraith's elegant arguments, passionate expostion and profound conclusions make it worth the trouble."

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