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>From Franz Neumann's Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National

"The influence of the so called state or Katheder socialists upon the ultimate development of National SOcialist racism seems far more important. The writings of Friedrich List and Adolph Wagner clearly show the factors that contributed to the triumph of racial ideas. These men were attempting to coutneract socialist theories of class struggle by repudicating liberal political thought and by setting up a state capitalist scheme that would 'incorporate' the working classes and imbue the whole people with the spirit of racial superiority...England must recongize, List declares, that Germany cannot become strong on the basis of free trade. Free trade is a fit doctrine only for a nation that is already powerful. Germany is disunited and weak, and only protective tariffs can assure her political unity and economic power. Germany has to become strong so that she is able to keep Englands's competitors, France and Russia, at bay...List was thus to the first to develop the theory that Hitler brought to full flower in Mein Kampf and the National Socialist foreign policy attempted to realize during the years preecding the German Russia non aggression pact of 1939: a redivision of the earth between Germany and England on the basis of German racial superiority." (pp104-106)

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