Tom Ferguson and the Myth of the Median Voter

James Baird jlbaird3 at
Fri Sep 25 10:45:46 PDT 1998

>>Are you kidding? The fistfights would start with the introductions.
>Whence the hostility? I've spoken to Tom and he thinks Doug is a very
>smart fellow, and Doug has told me the same about Tom. Let's not
>impute hostility needlessly, folks.

No imputation intended. I was just commenting (humorously, I had hoped...) on the vigorous quality of debate one finds on LBO. The level of actual hostility one finds here is actually rather low for this type of forum, but I think if you got (say) Max and Louis in a room together, they could start an arguement (a deep and historically interesting one, to be sure) about the color of the carpet.

Jim Baird

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