Tom Ferguson and the Myth of the Median Voter

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Sep 25 11:22:05 PDT 1998

>No imputation intended. I was just commenting (humorously, I had
>hoped...) on the vigorous quality of debate one finds on LBO. The level
>of actual hostility one finds here is actually rather low for this type
>of forum, but I think if you got (say) Max and Louis in a room together,
>they could start an arguement (a deep and historically interesting one,
>to be sure) about the color of the carpet.
>Jim Baird

Please, Max and I have already had a pleasant lunch together. Granted the miserable centrist Henwood was there to intercede.

Max is fascinated with me, don't you know? When he had lunch with Doug and I, the entire conversation revolved around the Sparts and other 1960s arcana. Max is fascinated with me because I represent the road not taken a la Robert Frost.

I never sold out. I never moved to the suburbs and took up golf. I never had children, well, none intentionally. I have been with 37 different women since 1961 and poor Max must have the sort of fantasies about bachelor radicals that most suburbanite men have about baseball players and rock stars.

Yes, it's true, Max. Last night I was in bed with 2 NYU graduate students (don't ask me which gender) and we discussed the lessons of the Spanish Civil War after having wild sex. Then we smoked some hasish and listened to Ravi Shankar.


Louis Proyect


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