The Legend of Louis

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Sep 25 12:59:56 PDT 1998

> . . . if you got (say) Max and Louis in
a room together, they could start an arguement (a deep and historically interesting one, to be sure) about the color of the carpet.>

>Please, Max and I have already had a
pleasant lunch together. Granted the miserable centrist Henwood was there to intercede.>

Yes, but I did think it was a little presumptuous of you to demand the waiter cut your filet d'agneau.

>Max is fascinated with me, don't you know?>

No, it's that "Mango" guy on Saturday Night Live I can't get out of my mind.

>When he had lunch with Doug and I, the entire conversation revolved around
the Sparts and other 1960s arcana. Max is fascinated with me because I represent the road not taken a la Robert Frost.>

Not exactly. I've already been down the road. I just had less patience with the scenery. Every so often I stop to watch the the parade go by, to see if anybody has gotten a clue.

>I never sold out. I never moved to the suburbs
and took up golf. I never had children, well, none intentionally. I have been with 37 different women since 1961 and poor Max must have the sort of fantasies about bachelor radicals that most suburbanite men have about baseball players and rock stars.>

Actually I began playing golf as a teenage caddy at a local country club and never gave it up. I knew I would have to defend golf eventually on this list, but suffice to say there's an entire working class milieu involved in it, and has been since at least the 1960's (when it was much cheaper to play).

As for sex, well, that's why I'm in public policy. No woman in Washington can resist a nifty spreadsheet. Especially now when you can put in animated effects.

>Yes, it's true, Max. Last night I was in bed with 2 NYU graduate students
(don't ask me which gender) and we discussed the lessons of the Spanish Civil War after having wild sex. Then we smoked some hasish and listened to Ravi Shankar.>

I do sometimes regret forsaking the bohemian life. But I didn't want to sell out. I am doing a speech next month at Colorado College, a Christian fundamentalist institution. I hear they're pretty wild too, just like that crazy dude Ken Starr.


Hope you have a ball. All three of you. Or 38 of you. Surprising you don't have your own International. You've got more than enough cadre.


P.S. One cute kid drains a huge reservoir of regrets.

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