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Sat Sep 26 11:04:47 PDT 1998

>7. List was at least honest that the relations between the imperialist
>countries and the colonies would not be equal. He did not want all
>international relations to be equal.

This is hopelessly ahistorical. List died in 1846, well before imperialism was understood in Marxist terms. Perhaps Rakesh wants to use a non-Marxist definition of imperialism to go along with his non-Marxist definition of fascism. Why not go all the way.

>8. I find Arno's interpretation of the miscegenation passage not very
>persuasive. List was not opposed to slavery in order to encourage
>miscegenation but because he was a voice of the industrial bourgeoisie.

Voice of the industrial bourgeoisie? You mean like the Northerners who Marx cheered on against the slavocracy in the pages of the Herald Tribune? What a fascistic deviation on Marx's part to support the imperialistic south.

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