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Sat Sep 26 17:26:24 PDT 1998

nyt front page: sharp rise in number of uninsured. Physicians for a National Health Program scoop the Census Bureau's findings.

Here in GA, the political commercial that stands out from the others is a woman telling how her child died because the HMO wouldn't pay for a procedure. Black Screen>>>Michael Coles US Senate.

Fastest growing segment of uninsured make over $75,000/yr.

If the "Left" can't unite around an issue that's got so many people riled up, and establish an effective voice, then we really are pathetic.

BTW-All you marxists will be pleased to hear that Mr. Single-Payer, Jim McDermott was Boeing bootlicking by pushing the African Trade deal.(Eat The State-Seattle e-zine). I am like, sooo..disillusioned.

Yearning for Oblivion-

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Hi Doyle. Thanks Carrol.

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