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According to one longtime Texas political observer I checked with, Richardson and Murchison were only partners in one deal, to buy the Pennsylvania Railroad. I don't know what happened to that. As far as the oil bidness, they may have had some business dealings but in the main they operated independently.

My source confirmed that Murchison was the more conservative of the two; Richardson was mainly pragmatic and any of his dealings were on a quid pro quo basis.

-- Jim Cullen

> Dear Jim,
>Thanks for the background on Richardson and Murchison. They were partners
>in the oil business, were they not?
>Joe Trees, Benedum's partner, had no politics that I know of. Trees was
>an engineer and easily embarrassed. He met Benedum at a small hotel still
>in existance in of all places Wellsville, West Virginia. It may have been
>a chance encounter in a very small hotel lobby; Trees was broke and needed
>a couple of thousand dollars to continue drilling in that area. Benedum
>became Trees partner.
>By todays standards Benedums methods were not very scientific. For
>example, a blind man once told him that he saw oil gushing over a fruit
>tree on his property. Benedum drilled on that spot and found a large
>quanity of oil. Another time Benedum followed the direction of an arrow
>that had been carved by American Indians on a rock . Another big discovery
>of oil. It only gets better...
>Another classic story about Benedum concerns an attempted robbery. A
>robber with a gun held up Benedum, and, Mike asked the guy why are you
>robbing. The robber told Benedum his story and Benedum listened. He then
>told the guy come a long with me and I'll lend you some money and get you
>a job.
>Sincerely, Tom Lehman

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