Fourth Quarter

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Mon Sep 28 00:25:35 PDT 1998

pms wrote:
> Who are these STATFOR guys? Could they be closed leftists or marxists?
> I always feel like deja vu when I read mainstream media cause so much
> is old news by the time they get on it.

Remember way back when the mass media finally discovered that half the Savings-n-Loans were crooked, and bankrupt as well? What a hoot! "Shocked, shocked!"

> Hey, I predicted this military confrontation weeks ago. Could I have
> finally found a carreer? I love Austin City Limits!
> I'm over limit, but really Doug, this is part of my last post, I just
> don't know about attachments or whatever, yet.

Yeah, mmm hmm, sure. I like Doug, obviously he doesn't strictly enforce that law. That reminds me, when I do the bills tomorrow, I should fire off a check for an LBO scrip.

> Have Mercy. Praise the Lord.

Arrgh! Anything but that!

> pms

Hey "pms," how-dee from Lutz to Tampa!

Who are WHICH "STATFOR" guys? Sounds like statistics, and I love statistics. Please supply me with a URL or something. Use private eMail if you don't want to blow your quota. Or am I missing some of the posts in this mail-list? Sometimes I see posts in reply to other ones I never got. Unfortunately, it is not the style of this newsgroup to always quote the post in one's reply. On the plus side, you are spared cascades.

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