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Mon Sep 28 21:26:22 PDT 1998

People in the Bay Area might be interested in checking some of the Radical Philosophy Association meeting out--it's at SF State.

Frances kicking herself because she cancelled a trip to the RPA to go to a conference in Gainesville that same weekend... **********

RPA conference Program and Schedule

Thursday - Nov. 5

12:00 - Arrival and Registration

-- coffee with donuts and bagels

1:00 - Panel session #1 (2 hrs)

The Left; What's Left?

Richard Peterson - Race as Politics

Rosemary Klein - The US Left; What's Left?

John Sanbonmatsu - Gramsci and Merleau-Ponty: Hegemony and the

Phenomenology of Praxis

Moderator: Bob Stone

Tom Athanasiou's "Divided Planet": a Discussion with the Author

Phil Gasper

Mary Ann Warren

Tom Athanasiou - respondant

Confronting the Social in the Global

Kevin Graham -- Dialogue, Democracy, and Global Justice

Harry van der Linden - High Consumption as Legitimation for Global


Dr. Gabriel Vargas Lozano - "Democracia liberal y democracia

radical en la globalizacion" [Liberal Democracy and Radical

Democracy in the context of Globalization]

Feminist Epistemology I

Mary Ann McClure - Chaos Theory and Feminist Philosophy: Some


Lorraine Code - Taxonomies: the Politics of Feminist Encyclopedia


Constance Mui - Pornography and the Sartrean "Look"

The State and Neoliberalism

Cliff Durand

Milton Fisk

Humberto Miranda

Dra. Ana Maria Rivadeo - "Neoliberalismo y democracia".

--- 15 minute break with coffee et al

3:15 - Panel session #2 (2 hrs)

Ideology, Nationalism, Resistence

Kim Leighton - Signed and Unsigned: the Strange Power of language

and the Power of Publicity

David Kaplan - Ricoeur's Critical Theory

Bat Ami Bar-On - Friendship for Enemies

A Return to Socialist Ethics

Deborah Hawkins - Kant and the Extension of Liberty

Horace Fairlamb - If Rights were Rule-Utilities, Could Marx Live

with Them?

Peter Hudis - The Power of Negativity: New Perspectives on the

Hegelian-Marxian dialectic

A Critique of Justice

David Ingram - Multicultural and Multiracial Justice

David Kahane - Justice, Empathy, and Dissociation

Kathryn Witzig - On the Nature, Necessity, and Morality of Racial


Radical Masculinity: a forum on alternatives

Kim Holder

Herb Green - Baldwin, sexuality, and race authenticity

Richard Schmitt

Sandra Bartke

The Relevance of Dialectics

Tony Smith - Value Theory and Dialectics

Patrick Murray - Phenomenology, Essentialism, and the Systematic

Dialectical Presentation

Jennifer Ring - Minimalist Dialectics

5:30 - Plenary I (2 hrs)

Critical Feminisms in the Era of Globalization

Norma Alarcon

Marissa Belausteguigoitia

Angela Chabram

Chela Sandoval

7:30 - Reception, mixer, beer and wine, and serious finger food

-- until closing time

Friday - Nov. 6

--- coffee et al

9:00 - Panel session #3 (2 1/2 hrs)

Radical Pedagogy

Les Gottesman - To Fight and Learn: the Praxis and Promise of

Literacy in Eritrea's Independence War

Eduardo Mendieta - Teaching Ethics in a Global Context

Amie MacDonald - Feminist Pedogogy and the Appeal to Epistemic


Robert Figueroa - Stretching the Moral Imagination Across Identity

Jose Orosco: moderator

Sartre and the Uprisings of May 1968

Joe Walsh

John Gerassi

Bob Stone

Betsy Bowman

-- Bill McBride - moderator

Queer and Monstrous Bodies: Representation of Bodies and Bodies of


Abby Wilkerson - Medicalizing the Monstrous, Monstering the Medic

Melissa Burchard - Perversion, Harm, and the Construction of


Quincy Foley - A Queer Geography: A Mapping of the Daddy Fantasy

Dan Williamson - untitled

Visions of Resistance: Post-Modern Feminism and the Question of


Patricia Huntington - The Body as Materiality: Overcoming Women's

Melancholic Subjectivity

Alison Brown - Post-Modern Strategies of Critique with Haraway and


Mecke Nagel - Technologies of the Self: A Materialist Feminist


Tina Chanter - The Impossibility of Love's Law

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

11:45 - business meeting ===> with box lunch provided

Agenda includes organizational questions, publications, the

Cuba conferences, the FAT solidarity campaign, and the Chiapas

work, announcing the Chiapas workshop to be held on Saturday,

at 6:30, just before the banquet.

2:00 - Panel session #4 (2 hrs)

Performative Democracy

Michelle Grisat -- Radical Democracy in a Performative Mode

Wendy White -- The Political and Cultural Legacy of Audre Lorde

Mtra. Yolanda Angulo -- Philosophical Vitalism, Educational Vitality

On Charles Mills's "The Racial Contract"

John Exdell

Tommy Lott

Olufemi Taiwo

Steve Martinot - moderator

Market Socialism: a Debate

David Schweickart

Bertell Ollman

Lewis Gordon - discussant

Whither Latin America

Arturo Arias - Latin America and Globalization: New Subjects, New


Jose Orosco - Democracy in the Time of Cholera: Utopia and the

Postsocialist Condition in Latin America

Wes Rehberg - Popular Education, Popular Struggle for Human Rights,

and Popular Theology in Mexico

Early Career Feminist Philosophers: Opportunity, Opportunism, and


Kim Hall - 'Yes, but can you teach intro?:' On Being a Feminist


Kathy Miriam - Disciplining Feminism: Reflections on the

(Im)possibility of the Feminist Academic as Public


Louise Collins - I was a Teen-aged Platonist: Confessions of a

Feminist Philosopher

Cressida Heyes - moderator

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

4:15 - Panel session #5 (2 hrs)

Alternate Modes of Democracy

Omar Dahbour - Three Alternate Modes of Community

Alison Jaggar - Multicultural Democracy

Jeffrey Paris - Postmodern Socialism in a Neocolonial Age

Power, Bodies, and Archetypes

Dasiea Cavers-Huff -- Archetypes of oppression

Joanna Crosby - Girl Power

Margaret Walsh - Geographies of Gender: Transgender Experiences

Revise the Map

Spirit, Spirituality, and Marxism

John Brentlinger - Marxism and Spirituality: a Critique and


Thomas Jeannot - The Secular Religion, Postsecularism, and Marxism

Doug Allen - Eliade and Marx: a Critical Intersection

Feminist Epistemology II

Linda Warren - Freedom and Economy: Seeking a Poetic Politics of


Nancy Hartsock - Marxist Feminist Dialectics for the 21st Century

Celeste Friend - Marriage and its Discontents: the Case against

Heterosexual Marriage

Philosophical Ethics and Social Justice

Rodney Peffer - Social Justice and Saving the Environment

Jordy Rocheleau - Discourse Ethics and Identity Politics (from


John Cleveland - Identity and Difference in Moral Theory

--- ending at 6:15

-- some snacks provided before the plenary

6:30 - 8:30 - Plenary II (2 hrs)

Political Prisoners and the Prison Industry

Ward Churchill - Univ. of Colorado

Cheryl Harris - UCLA Law Sxhool

Muhjah Shakir - Jericho 98

J. Marcos Vilar - Puerto Rican Independence

Joy James - Univ. of Colorado

After 8:30, there will be no organized session; there will be a general workshop and forum from 8:30 on for remembering and discussing 1968: the SF State Strike, USA, Mexico, the World

Saturday - Nov. 7

--- coffee et al

9:00 - Panel session #6 (2 1/2 hrs)

Jurisprudence in Contradictory Directions?: on the Philosophies and

Rhetorics of Contemporary Law

Julie Thompson - On the Possibility of Postmodern Politics as a

Legitimating Strategy for Queer Parents

Jack Green Musselman - The Two Faces of Craftsmanship: Politics and Logic

of Legal Reasoning

Mark Clinton - Original-Intent Jurisprudence as a Political


Thomas Spademan - We Know Exactly What Judges are Doing:

"Contradictions" in Legal Judgments as Sartrean Totalizations

Racialization, the Production of Class, and Class Consciousness in the US

Steve Martinot - The Construction of Class on the Basis of Race

Theodore Allen - The Invention of the White Race

Mike Hill - Whiteness, Ideology, State Power: the case of Census 2000

Ruth Gilmore - Secular Bulls, Cyclical Bears, and Mandatory Corrections

Politics of Dialogue: Dispute and Symbiosis

Fred Evans - Foucault, Bakhtin, and Geneological Critique

Michael Palamarek - Language and Labor in Bakhtin

Matthew Ally - On the Political Limits of Theoretical Coherence:

Discourse and the Recalcitrance of the Practical

Tanya Glaser - We the People: Rationality and Participation in

Seyla Benhabib's Communicative Ethics

Ethics of Resistence, Resistence of Ethics

Scott Schaffer - Towards a Resisting Social Ethics

Lisa Tessman - Character and Racial Discourse

Marvin Glass - the Radical Feminist Moral Imperative

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

11:45 - Plenary III (2 hrs) ==> with box lunch provided

Feminist Emancipation Strategies: Theory and Practice

Ann Dolinko

Barbara Epstein

Pat Mann

2:00 - Panel session #7 (2 hrs)

Identity Politics: Identity and Politics

David Kim - Asian-American Identity, Double Consciousness, and Dual


Frances Latchford - Under No Un/Certain Terms

Elise Young - Afrocentric Feminist Epistemology and Palestinian

Women in Refugee Camps in Jordan: Global Politics from a

Feminist Transnational Perspective

Racialization Epistemologies

Shannon Sullivan - Racialization of Space

Carl Briscoe - Fanon, Malcolm X, and Resistence

Jared Sexton - There is No (Interracial) Sexual Relationship: The

Multiracial Movement, Philosophies of Race, Theories of


Views of Communitarianism

Bill Martin - Some Communitarian Aspects of the Maoist Synthesis

Mike Principe - Marx as Communitarianism's Specter

Margo Okazawa-Rey and Gwyn Kirk - Redefining Security for the New


Norman Fischer: moderator

Medical Science and Ideology: Health Care and Social Control

Eugenia Porto - The Production of Medical Knowledge and a

Social/Democratic Alternative

Luis Aviles - Epidemiology that Colonizes: Public Health and the

Discourse of Development

Richard Brown - Medicine and Capitalism in America

Philosophy in the Time of Zapatismo

Dr. Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez - "Una utopia para el siglo XXI".

Dr. Roberto Hernandez Oramas.

Mtra. Maria del Carmen Garcia

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

4:15 - Panel session #8 (2 hrs)

Intersections: a Critique of Masculinism

Emily Zakin - Modernity, Masculinity, and Marx

Cathryn Bailey - Liquid Power: the Construction of Masculine

Potency Through Fables of Ejaculation

Cressida Heyes - "Intersectional" Identities, Standpoint Theory,

and the View from the Middle

Social Epistemologies

Peg O'Connor - If All are Responible, then None are Responsible

Joan Mason-Grant - Toward an Epistemology of Everyday Life,

Corporeality, Know-how and Social Privilege

Ann Ferguson - Women and the Public Good: Capabilities, rights, and

Global Development

Radical Political Ecology

Andrew Light - The Urban Blindspot in Environmental Thought

Sandra Harding - The "Global Crisis" and Enlightenment Philosophy:

Perspectives from the Gender, Environment and Sustainable

Development Debates

Steven Vogel - Environmental Ethics after the End of Nature

Anti-Racist Teaching: a roundtable discussion

Greg Moses

Terry McMullen

Richard Jones

LIsa Heldke - moderator

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

6:30 - Chiapas workshop: TriNational delegation reports, slides,

solidarity and support projects (1 1/2 hr plus)

Chiapas Workshop, Saturday Nov. 7, 6:30-8 pm Come and hear first-hand impressions of the current situation in Chiapas from five RPA'ers who visited Chiapas on July 4 - 9, 1998! We wish to gather in an informal setting to discuss recent events and to develop strategies for responding to increased militarization and for addressing new epidemics of hunger and disease in Chiapas.

Eileen Robertson-Rehberg, commentary on the Seeds of Genocide in Chiapas Patricia Huntington and Martin Matustik, slides of La Realidad, a center of zapatista support and indigenous self-governance. Anna Brown, impressions of Acteal, site of the Dec. 22, 1997 Massacre Wes Rehberg, observations and video on Military Incursions into Indigenous Communities

8:00 - (or whenever the Chiapas discussion ends) -- Banquet

-- then party, with Dr. Loco

-- Jose Cuellar, introduced by Tommy Lott, for a

multi-media presentation.


--- coffee et al

9:00 - Panel session #9 (2 1/2 hrs)

Marcuse and the Prospects for Critical Theory

Martin Matustik

Doug Kellner

Carl Boggs

Karsten Struhl

Iris Young

Co-ops and Workers Control: The Prospects and Problems of Economic


Len Krimerman

Mike Howard

Tim Huet

Deb Grey

The Campaign to Abolish the Penalty in the US: What is to be Done?

Everet Green - The Crimes of Capital and Capital Punishment

Anna Brown - Teaching the Death Penalty: Liberation from all Cells,

including the Classroom

George Caffentzis - The US as a Pariah Nation: and Internationalist

Abolitionist Assessment

Silvia Federici - Race, Sex and Class from the Perspective of the

Death Penalty

The Public Good

Anatole Anton - Corporations and Public Welfare

Nancy Holmstrom - Collective Action

Kurt Nutting - Law and the Public Good

Nel Nodding - Education and the Public Good

Richard Lichtman - Psychology and the Public Good

--- 15 minute break; coffee et al

11:45 - Plenary IV (2 hrs)

Joy James's "Resisting State Violence": a Critique and Appreciation

Angela Davis

Thomas Sheehan

Dylan Rodrigues

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