The Red-Green Bird of Eco-Socialist Paradise

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Mon Sep 28 22:27:23 PDT 1998

Hello everone,

Chuck Miller writes with fervor Mon Sept 28,98: "the Greens on the muddy banks of the Rio Grande stand for more social and economic justice and hope for the poor than anyone on this sorry-assed list could muster. What's the median income of those on this list I wonder?"

Doyle Sorry assed list? That is a mighty sweeping statement Chuck. Something stuck in your craw? Hell I am proud of New Mexico for having the good sense to vote green. Now you want me to feel bad because I type my way onto this list? There are all kinds of folks here. I am just one ordinary working class guy. No doubt my median income is below yours, and so forth and so on. The left needs a big tent Chuck. Let Max in, even if he plays golf (I know that is pretty hard one to swallow). Doug deserves in, so does that fellar in Buggalo New York, the one who is always talking about the cut in pay to teach. Just remind them we want them to be honest and true to the working class, and leave the holier than thou for the religiously endowed. They have to carry a mighty burden to heaven, all we have to do is make the left strong here on earth.

Doyle Don't bemoan the typists, organize the unorganized. You done any organizing lately? Need any help ask for it and see what happens. I live on the "Left" coast and I am proud of being working class and a union member too.

regards, Doyle

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