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Tue Sep 29 20:43:35 PDT 1998

Doyle Saylor wrote:

> Doug
> deserves in,

Doug deserves to be in if only because I can still receive my copy of the LBO. Actually, Doug's number crunching has gone a long way out here, and we'll probably carve a Santo of him when we win the state house! :-)

> Don't bemoan the typists, organize the unorganized.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have worked at several jobs (construction, farmhand) and found writing to be the best paying and most amenable. How's that for self-righteous hypocrisy! :-) And I even belong to the writer's union!

> You done any
> organizing lately?

Trying to organize the writers here right now. But the AFL-CIO is mighty cliquish, you know. They're even backing Phil "the goof" Maloof, the idiot king, for Congress. He runs non-union businesses, is a millionaire and can't tie his shoes and spit gum at the same time. That's what must make him good for the union. If you know anyone in the hierarchy, perhaps you can let them know (like they don't already) that Maloof's opponent, Bob Anderson, has been organizing since the 60s. After he was laid off, he set up soup kitchens for other laid off families. I guess the bigwhigs at the union shop think a yeller dog is better voted fer than a real union man. It must be those same guys who gave Newt "make em" Gingrich $60K.

chuck miller --

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